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Playfora | Jeff Spencer, CEO & Founder

Create fundraisers people actually like! Playfora is the easiest way to collect online for all your favorite contests and events-if you’re willing to give at least 1% to a nonprofit organization.

Troperial Technologies | Olu Akinbayo, Co-Founder

Troperial Technologies has found a way to reduce the high costs of exchanging currencies when sending money across borders. Dive into the very beginning of this company by listening to an interview with Co-Founder Olu Akinbayo.

Constitution Lending | Ricardo Sims, CEO

Constitution was founded to democratize access to real estate credit opportunities and provide a better more seamless lending experience for borrowers. Constitution believes that a complicated bank loan is never your only choice for financing. With Constitution, there are flexible, fast, and fair ways to invest in your property.

Sequoir | Justin Seidl, CEO

In 2017, bitcoin started to get noticed along with other crypto currencies. However, access to the world of crypto currencies was difficult and limited. Intuitively understanding the vast potential of blockchain technology if only more people had access to it, Justin knew what to do. He set out to build a simple, streamlined app; an on-ramp so that creative minds could engage and take blockchain to the next level. But first, he had to find a bank and a payment processor that wouldn’t hang up after he said the word ‘crypto’. It was a toxic term in the banking world, saddled with a lot of hype and misinformation. Hear from Justin about the big initial hurdles, how he overcame those and iterated on his idea until it became what Sequoir is today: A fully regulated and FinCEN compliant US-based digital asset trading platform for buying, selling and swapping digital assets. Learn from him as he shares lessons learned and the importance of giving value to others freely, even if there may be no immediate return. Links https://www.sequoir.com https://twitter.com/sequoirx https://www.linkedin.com/company/sequoir Website for Services https://www.sequoir.com

Fabrica | Frederico Pomi, CEO

When Frederico bought his first house in San Francisco, he was taken aback by how cumbersome the process still is. Yes, there are Zillow and others who brought some of the steps online, but the larger part hasn't changed from whenever. It still requires going to notaries, fingerprinting, rubberstamps, signature after signature after signature after signature - and takes a very long time to complete. Hence his desire was born to bring the entire real estate translation online. Listen as Frederico shares ideas for how to get funding for your startup, how to finalize your business plan and design, and where to attack a multi-billion real estate industry that is highly averse to change. His vision was simple, closing real estate transactions in minutes instead of 2-4 weeks. Implementing it wasn’t. Learn from Frederico how to overcome adversity and get your company off the ground.

Charlie Company | Ilian Georgiev, CEO

Ilian co-founded Charlie with one goal in mind, to get ordinary Americans out of debt faster. Hear him tell his fascinating story about how he applied what he learned from running successful online gaming companies to the personal finance space. Gaming apps are very successful in changing user behavior and in making users obsess about the game. Illian took this knowledge and applied it to something good: Obsess about getting out of debt! Complete with feedback loop and positive reinforcement. As importantly, learn from him how to select a winning team, the importance of market research and how to do it with little money. Understand what an antifragile organization is, and why it is so important to the success of your startup. Links https://www.hicharlie.com/ https://www.hicharlie.com/blog/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/charlie-co/ Website for Services https://www.hicharlie.com/

Sloan | Bryan Harris, Angie Mayer, & Alec Tremaine

In this episode, we speak to the team at Sloan: Bryan Harris, Co-Founder, Angie Mayer, Co-Founder & Alec Tremaine, Chief Technical Officer

FunnelDash | Zach Johnson, Founder

Zach Johnson founded FunnelDash initially to serve media buying agencies and their clients with an attribution and analytics platform. At one point he had an epiphany. Rather than selling a SaaS product, why not find a way to monetize the payments flow between brands, agencies and publishers/platforms? Third-party credit cards being utilized were offering rewards that offered no or little value. Not a big leap for a fintech guy but as he realized, out of reach for many non-fintech businesses who just don’t think that way. Hear how he started a business around co-branded cards as a service in partnership with Sila and Lithic. Listen to his views on fundraising and Venture Capital, on when is the right time to focus on unit economics and when is the wrong time to do so. Finally, why is it so important to launch as quickly as possible and how a global pandemic helped him with that.

Flip Factory App | Founders, Jake Harris & Juan Huerta

Jake and Juan are general contractors that specialize in flipping houses for themselves and others. They loved what they did but hated cash flow issues driven by the particulars of the construction business. They literally carried multiple checkbooks and debit cards for their various projects. Managing funds creep, chasing money, paying others and getting paid was a huge headache. Every Friday! Finally, the two friends sat down and wrote it all up in flash cards. Every step, every item, every participant - from the investor down to the laborer. They took those 300+ pages to a software developer who built an app that is in the process of revolutionizing payment flows in the construction industry. It’s a fascinating story about how two general contractors with little technology and no fintech experience — with the help of the right partners — created an app that among other things now helps laborers who may not have a banking relationship bank. If you envision the future differently and want to build something that makes it real, this is an episode you cannot miss.

Qyon | Samuel Gaudencio

Samuel Gaudencio, a Brazilian who lives in the US, tells the fascinating story of how he and his friend Mauricio Frizzarin started a company that provides payroll software, then decided to add banking services. If that’s not enough, they both are pilots and launched Qyon Aero Sports, Brazil’s first air sports team. They are now taking a page out of Red Bull’s marketing book in using performances at air shows to promote their brand. A serial entrepreneur, Samuel had no problem attracting investors, rather the opposite. His challenge was to keep them interested until the time the company and its products were ready for outside money. Hear about the challenges stemming from their strategy to grow the company through a string of acquisitions. How to find out whether someone and their business is a good fit, and how important it is to cut the connections very quickly if it isn’t. Why learning and listening is central to how they approach everything. And, about the importance of AI to their business success, and the limitations of this technology.

Bunny Money | Fabien Lamaison

As a child, Fabien saved money in a piggy bank and already donated some of it to charities. Now an adult, realizing that online fundraising could be made better, he founded bunny.money, the better way for nonprofits to raise money in that it lets them keep 100% of their donations.

Season 2 Trailer - Alpha Beta Launch | Fintech Founder Stories

Welcome back to Season 2 of Alpha. Beta. Launch - Fin Tech Founder Stories, launching Tuesday March 1! This season we interview even more incredible Founders with industry shaping companies. Subscribe and rate the show today!

OKYapp | Victor Unda

Victor Unda, Co-Founder & CEO If you live and work in one country but your family resides in another, sending money is how you stay in touch and support them. Sending money is expensive, so you do it in a lump sum once a month. Transfer fees are high. You have no control over how the money is spent. Loved ones might have to travel somewhere to even receive it. OKYapp changes all that. You pick a brand from the website (from pharmacies to fast food restaurants), prepay an amount, and your loved ones get an SMS with which they can pay locally. Hear from Victor Unda about the inspiration for this idea and what he had to do to make it a reality. The stories of his customers will warm your heart.

Eden Savings | David Wolfenden

David was always perplexed by the fact that most of his peers could talk for hours about video games and get really excited in the process, but showed no interest in discussing investment strategies and wealth building. Even though the latter will have an oversized impact on their lives. So he had the idea to make wealth planning fun and addictive by creating a game around it with digital representations that would grow as your investments grow. It wasn’t an easy road but clearly something David has been enjoying tremendously. His biggest advice: The world around you was built by other people. If you want to build something, build it. But there is much more to learn from his quest. Listen, learn, and be entertained.

BluePallet | Patrick Salome

Patrick always thought that e-commerce doesn’t live up to its potential because of a lack of trust about who’s on the other side of the deal. He had started his own companies but finally saw an opportunity to realize his vision through a merger with another firm; negotiating, collaborating, merging, and launching during a worldwide pandemic. And, doing this in a heavily regulated industry like the chemical industry, while attempting something that hadn’t been done before. Hear from him about his journey, which as he describes it, “was ugly” at times. How “being impatient and doing everything at once” can turn out to be the biggest pitfall. How to deal with mistakes. How necessary it is to be open minded, even as you are sticking to your core values and following your vision as closely as possible.

Currencycloud | Stephen Lemon

With Currencycloud having been acquired by Visa late in 2021, you know this episode is going to be different. Hear from Stephen how he co-founded the company and the early-day struggles that he and his team had to overcome. Even after many financing rounds, “there is always something” as he put it. Building a company is never done. There is always something in front of you. Hear him talk about how crucial it is to hire smart people and let them tell you what to do. His advice to other entrepreneurs is don’t panic. Keep going. Regret is a waste of emotion. It’s the story of a fascinating roller coaster ride with a great ending. Or, in Stephen’s words, “we are ver fortunate to have ended where we have.”

Wedge | Billy Roberts

Billy Roberts, co-Founder & CEO, Wedge.us When the two co-founders had the idea for what would eventually become Wedge.us, they were convinced a Google search would tell them of other companies already doing it. It took a while to sink in that their idea was a novel one. Hear how they built their business out of a garage of all places. Why their first hire was a chief legal officer. And how they were driven by their belief that the future is digital, and that users want flexibility, seamlessness, frictionless and intuitive design. That when it comes to hiring a team, it is wrong to compromise on personality and values, even if the professional skills are a great fit.

Lithic | Bo Jiang

Bo started Lithic with 2 childhood friends in a basement. Hear how the pandemic came just as they were scaling from 25 up to 100 people. While it was very stressful, moving out of a shared office and transitioning to a remote work environment forced the firm to be crisper in communication and more deliberate in how they communicated as a team. Hear him talk about customers, how they still blow him away with the use cases they create for Lithic’s product. He talks about his conviction that if you take something that is really complex and make it available to developers, you can’t imagine what they will come up with down the road. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is that all advice is situational. He found that the most helpful advisors and investors for your business are those that are 2-3 steps ahead of you in their journey. Find out what he loves about fintech and what he says it is that makes our industry unique. And why it is important to learn and understand the language banks use when discussing fintech.

getBamboo | Blake Cassidy

getBamboo’s mission is to make crypto investing as easy as possible by using round-ups to the next dollar to feed your crypto portfolio (“micro investing”). They are a successful business in Australia, about to launch in the US. Hear from Blake Cassidy about how different the regulatory environment is in these two countries and how they learned to deal with that. Why perseverance is key and really the only thing that keeps you from failing. Why Ether and Bitcoin could serve as a hedge against other investments more subject to inflationary pressures. Blake shares how after university, when he didn’t want to work in a company and follow existing structures and hierarchies, fintech was an awesome place to be and to make your own rules. Why he says sitting on the fence doesn't do any good. Rather, making mistakes, making them quickly, and learning from them is the far better strategy.

Otonomi | Yann Barbarroux

Yann spent decades on Wall Street being involved with derivatives and risk management. For a long time, he was thinking about starting a company to modernize insurance given that that industry was lagging. It took the inspiration from a friend and now co-founder to combine Yann’s idea with blockchain technology to really bring significant change to how business was conducted. Otonomi is now revolutionizing how parametric insurance is being created and sold. Hear from him how he successfully raised funds over multiple rounds, the value of participating in an accelerator program, lessons learned along the way, and his plans for the future of the company.

FRICH | Katrin Kaurov and Aleksandra Medina

Best friends Katrin Kaurov and Aleksandra Medina are the two founders of FRICH, an app with the stated goal of making money social. As young professionals, they struggled with learning how to deal with money and hated the awkwardness that comes with how people talk about finances. Since there was no personal finance app available they liked, they started FRICH. Not unlike fitness apps, FRICH users rely on the accountability towards friends, and the commitment to shared goals, to reach their stated financial goals - often in the form of a playful and fun contest. FRICH is how GenZ likes to save money. Learn why FRICH succeeded where others failed; how the founders turned a disadvantage (not knowing anything about finances) into a competitive advantage. And, how ‘resourcefulness’ is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur.